Mid-Nine Weeks Already?!! … and Gear Up!

Can you believe it’s February?

Not only is it February, but it’s time for students and parents to see how we’re doing so far in the past nine weeks.
Mid-Nine Weeks is upon us!

Now, I realize that some parents are just getting used to school starting back up again – but we’re half-way through the THIRD QUARTER already!

(Maybe I’m the only one thinking clocks have sped up …)

If you haven’t checked out PowerSchool, now is a great time to get a move on it!

Also, if you want to find out more about the exciting possibilities of helping your child succeed in their academic progress, you need to know about Gear-Up.

What is Gear-Up?   The vision of Gear-Up is to:

  • Increase student academic achievement, high school graduation rate, and college enrollment
  • Increase parent/family involvement in school activities
  • Transform instructional and intervention strategies at the partner schools, embedding them in those schools far beyond the seven-year grant period

There are even possibilities for scholarships.  For more information, check out the ad below, or click here for their link.

I’m going just for the pizza.

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This is the official website of the Berrendo Middle School Parent Teacher Organization in Roswell, NM.
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